Introducing the Mondoo Compliance Hub

Asset Inventory

Your entire fleet at your fingertips: Discover, explore, and search any resource and configuration across cloud, Kubernetes, and APIs.

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Mondoo Asset Explorer

View your entire infrastructure, from cloud accounts to Kubernetes deployments, VMs, and APIs. Explore your fleet like you'd explore a new city.

Search for resources and configurations. Find related assets. Effortlessly see how everything fits together.

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Powerful queries

Create nearly limitless queries across your infrastructure. A combination of GraphQL and flexible filters allow you to ask any question you can imagine.

Want to know which Pod has a package installed? What VMs have a particular vulnerability? No problem! Mondoo makes it easy to get the answers you need.

Automatic setup and discovery

Easily set up Mondoo for your entire fleet. When you connect to Kubernetes and cloud accounts, Mondoo discovers related assets and resources and automatically adds them to your inventory. You can monitor your entire infrastructure for changes and keep your inventory up to date.

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Choose how you want to connect


Scan assets without interfering in their operation via live instance snapshots (side scanning), image scanning, or remote connections (SSH, SSM, WinRM).



You can also rely on Mondoo's lightweight agent,  which provides powerful insights about security, vulnerabilities, and infrastructure configuration.

Across your fleet

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AWS, Azure, GCP, and VMware

Automatically set up your cloud accounts and let Mondoo continuously discover all of your resources.

Choose your depth of discovery: dive deep into workloads (VMs, containers) or stay shallow by focusing on your cloud configuration and services.

See more on AWS

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Kubernetes and containers

Continuously analyze all aspects of your container infrastructure, from Kubernetes cluster configuration to workloads to container images.

Mondoo reveals insights in your workloads and the setup of your services. Get simplified views into complex deployments. Explore your clusters with ease and answer questions across all resources.

More on Kubernetes

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API-driven and embedded

Your inventory is fully accessible with Mondoo's API-first approach. Get assets, resources, and fields across cloud accounts, machines, containers, and services.

Export them to 3rd party systems or use them to drive your automation. Hook into Mondoo's event engine to harness its full power.

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