About Mondoo



Hello! This is our story...

Mondoo was founded in 2020 by DevOps and security experts Soo Choi-Andrews, Christoph Hartmann, and Dominik Richter, who previously founded Inspec, devsec.io, and OpenStack.

We’ve seen organizations struggle with security. It’s complicated, expensive, and could be disastrous if done wrong. It shouldn’t take you months or years to improve your security posture. We specialize in making complex processes easy to implement through automation and accessible content. Stop drowning in “paper security” and start focusing on your business goals.

We are backed by Atomico, First Minute Capital, System.One and a number of angel investors including MongoDB Chairman of the Board Tom Killalea, Cisco Board Member and Intuit CTO Marianna Tessel, OneLogin (and former Docusign) CISO Vanessa Pegueros, Github and Microsoft VP of Research Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Google VP of Product Bradley Horowitz, Redhat VP of Transformation and Puppet co-founder Andrew Clay Shafer, Instana co-founder Mirko Novakovic, and SoundCloud and Dance co-founder Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss.

The Mondoo team (we call them Mondoonauts) have been in the DevOps and security space for most of our careers. With our experience from Google, AWS, Salesforce, Equinix, NASA, TrendMicro, Auth0, and Chef Software, we know that hackers are getting more sophisticated. It's important we automate security and provide solid security content for everyone.

Our mission

Mondoo is creating a new way that helps companies keep their users and data safe from hackers around the world. We want everyone to be secure, no matter their size and security expertise.
“One of the best ways to fight hackers and bad actors is to increase security expertise across the organization. Until now, the burden of keeping an organization safe has rested on the security team alone.”
We built Mondoo so DevOps, Security, and developers can automate their security and compliance for all types of infrastructure - cloud, OS, containers, on-premise, SaaS services - with a single, easy-to-use platform with policy as code.

Who we’re for?

Mondoo is for DevOps and Security teams who want to automate their compliance and improve their security posture. We are committed to helping everyone - from startup to the largest enterprises automate their security and compliance.
“By empowering all infrastructure developers across the organization, Mondoo’s solution dramatically improves the prospects of a company building and maintaining a robust security stance.”

What makes us different?

You can start improving your security posture in minutes, not months. We do this through Policy as Code through our Policy Hub with official CIS certified polices out of the gate. You also have access to Mondoo curated policies or you can write your own.

You need continuous security. We want to make sure all your environments are secure from the start instead of just focusing on the product environment when it's audit time.

You can try Mondoo for free before you make any commitment. You don’t have to talk to a salesperson or schedule a demo. It’s hands on from the start. If you need support, come to our moderated community channel or just contact our engineering team.

What’s it like to be a Mondoonaut?

You'll be working remotely with a diverse team across the globe to make security accessible to everyone.

Our company culture abides by these 5 pillars:

  1. Open and candid
  2. Eager to learn
  3. Freedom and responsibility
  4. Context over control
  5. Collaborative teams

Meet the founders




Chris and Dom met at Deutsche Telekom Management Trainee program


Soo founded Anso labs, created Openstack Nova

Dom worked on Deutsche’s Openstack Implementation



Soo joined Chef Software


Chris and Dom found VulcanoSec: creator of InSpec and DevSec.io

Soo lead the acquisition of VulcanoSec by Chef Software



Soo joined as partner of DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA)


Chris started working on a new startup idea

DORA was acquired by Google

By coincidence, Soo and Dom started at Google on the same day



Soo, Chris and Dom founded Mondoo

Fun Fact

The name Mondoo comes from the German word for moon: “mond”. For the foodies out there, there are also Korean crescent shaped dumplings called “mandu”. Plus, finding unique domain names is difficult.

We are huge space exploration fans. We love the space theme because it is about exploring the unknown, discovering new worlds, and pushing the boundaries of our scientific and technical limits. The desire to understand what is out there and how things fit together has a lot of parallels with our role in the IT space.