Unified security posture management (USPM)

Protect your organization from outside attacks and get ready for the next compliance audit

Automatically connect and inventory your entire fleet, detect security issues, prioritize actual attacks, and remediate findings from build time to runtime.
Mondoo provides


Security checks


Policy standards


SPM covers the following technologies:
Cloud security posture management is the backbone of security in cloud environments. Use Mondoo to continuously discover, detect and remediate misconfigurations in hybrid cloud environments.
Mondoo seamlessly connects to your cloud services and fully analyzes their environments.

Unified security posture management: more than just CSPM

Mondoo fully understands the environments it discovers. Prioritize risk factors that matter and attacks that are most likely exploited.

Discover all workloads and entities in your cloud environments. VMs, Kubernetes, users, and services help focus your attention on the most pressing findings.

Mondoo fully understands the environments it discovers. Prioritize risk factors that matter and attacks that are most likely exploited.

Mondoo provides Kubernetes security by understanding its architecture and components. Mondoo's lightweight integration covers all objects, including containers.
Build time to runtime

Mondoo covers the entire lifecycle with one framework. This includes Kubernetes manifests and clusters, as well as container images and running containers.

Mondoo operator

The Mondoo operator offers a seamless integration into Kubernetes clusters. It provides continuous inventory and security analysis for all changes and can protect the cluster.

Secure all Kubernetes environments

Mondoo covers all types of Kubernetes deployments, including cloud-based and on-site.

Mondoo's workload protection covers systems in all shapes and sizes: VMs, containers, and images. Gain deep insights into their configuration and workload context and prioritize security findings that matter.
Mondoo supports all operating systems

* Additionally, it is easily extensible to any operating system and service not covered here today.

We analyze these systems and fully catalog their inventory and security findings, such as:

Ports and sockets

Processes and services

Users and permissions

Configuration files

Kernel and system settings

Mondoo protects all devices in your organization.
Mondoo is designed to inventory and protect your data centers, edge computing, and isolated environments. We cover VMware, workloads and Kubernetes, as well as other devices and services.
Enterprise cloud

Keep your most valuable environments isolated with Mondoo’s enterprise cloud. Easily comply with regulatory requirements and data privacy and gain peace of mind.

Build time to runtime

Mondoo is used by platform teams to secure Terraform, Packer, Ansible and Kubernetes. It provides easy integrations in all CI/CD pipelines to cover build time and runtime environments.

One of the weakest and most frequently forgotten points is third-party services. Mondoo protects SaaS applications like GitHub, Atlassian, Okta, and MS365, and is extensible to any service to cover their security and compliance.
Protect your source code

Some of our most vulnerable components are found in repositories and their services. Mondoo helps in discovering projects and their contents, as well as uncovering weaknesses in your Github, GitLab, or Atlassian setup.

Protect your data

Many services that keep our organizations running are often not covered well. Secure your chat applications like Slack and Teams, your HR systems, and other APIs.

Protect your users

Find security flaws in authentication and user management systems like Okta, Entra, and Google Workspaces before they quickly escalate to full-blown breaches.

As a new and growing area, AI is especially susceptible to new security threats and accidental data leaks. Mondoo's security framework prevents accidental misconfigurations and protects AI throughout its lifecycle.
Security posture

There are many different ways in which AI systems interact with other components. Mondoo adds security and validation policies that keep access and data restricted.

Prevent incidents

With great power and scale comes the responsibility to keep these systems running in predictable ways. Avoid accidental downtimes and breaches.

Mondoo can support all components in your IT, including upcoming technologies or custom systems you'd rather keep private. Any piece of IT with an interface can be added to Mondoo.
Extensible discovery

Add custom systems to continuously scan them for new resources and data to create an up-to-date inventory of everything you run. Inventory custom APIs, applications, and appliances.

Extensible security

To federate everyone's access across a large number of services, we use authentication and user management systems like Okta, Entra, and Google Workspaces.

Extensible compliance

Compliance covers both well-known and custom components. This allows teams to automate their evidence collection and customize it to their audit requirements.