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Mondoo Documentation

Welcome to the Mondoo documentation!

We've organized the documentation to align with the capabilities of the platform. Our goal is to get you to your desired outcome as fast as possible.

Getting Started with Mondoo

Start here if you are new to Mondoo

This section is designed to get you up and running fast!

Server & Endpoint Security

Head here to learn how you can secure all of your Linux, macOS, and Windows servers and endpoints with Mondoo

Cloud Security

Learn how Mondoo can secure both public and private cloud environments


Learn how to use Mondoo policies to secure both your supply chain and runtime environment

Software Supply Chain

Learn how to integrate Mondoo into your existing developer workflows to catch security issues earlier in your SDLC

Mondoo Query Language (MQL)

Mondoo Query Language (MQL) is a lightning-fast GraphQL-style query used to surface risk across your fleet in real-time

Looking for Help?

Jump over to our help section where you can find out how to get support, or join our Community Slack Channel to chat with us and others in the Mondoo community.