Compliance automation

Take the pain out of your compliance audits: Automate evidence collection, inventory, and reporting

Evidence collection on autopilot

Mondoo connects to your systems, apps and APIs. Our data fabric continuously collects and analyzes all the evidence for your next audit.

Manual way
40% time waste

on manual evidence gathering during audits by the engineering team

Mondoo Way

Focus engineering time back on customer value

Inventory and checks
Auditors require both inventory insights and security assessments.

They often look for resources, objects, and users in your organization to make their assessments. Mondoo delivers tailored inventory data as well as a full security risk assessment.

No two audits are the same.

Thanks to Mondoo's flexible framework, you can customize the scope and evidence that is automatically collected, as well as codify exceptions. You can even create custom compliance frameworks.

Compliance automation
Mondoo provides out-of-the-box frameworks and controls for all major regulatory requirements.

These support both automated and manual evidence gathering. Industry security best-practices are mapped to compliance controls.

Avoid unwanted surprises
Compliance information provides a powerful context to Mondoo's security findings.

This helps developers and platform teams to avoid accidentally breaking regulatory or contractual requirements.