Secure Your Fleet with Policy as Code



Configuration Management and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are indispensable tools for managing both workstation and server fleets. Unfortunately, these solutions can apply configuration and some can even report on deviations from that configuration, but what about all the other parameters? Configuration and Parameter configuration is only half the solution.

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Mondoo is a policy as code solution that can continuously monitor your hosts for compliance with Center for Internet Security (CIS) and other best practices standards for a holistic view of your fleet.

Deploy Mondoo to each of your hosts and apply our Security Baseline and CIS benchmark policies . In minutes you’ll begin receiving results in the Mondoo Console with letter grades for quickly identifying problem areas. Each policy includes information about the policy, the query details, and remediation steps to immediately address the problem.

Real time notifications can be sent to Slack, Discord, Microsoft Teams, or a web hook. Identify emerging problems as they occur, not just once a week.

Using the Mondoo Query Language (MQL), quickly articulate your standards and policy as code and immediately begin scanning for it. Automate your compliance program, ensure configuration matches your expectations, all in a single simple to deploy and manage platform.