Kubernetes Security

The power of Kubernetes often lends itself to complex systems, which present unique security challenges. According to Red Hat’s 2021 State of Kubernetes Security report, more than 60% of organizations said their security strategy was basic, in the planning stages, or non-existent. Understanding your current Kubernetes security posture can be difficult. Identifying what needs to change is even harder. Mondoo can help.

Learn how to run security assessments of Kubernetes infrastructure and application with Mondoo.
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Use case: last-minute compliance barrier

The challenge

It’s show time! Your developers have been working for months on a new SaaS product. They’ve finished version 1.0 and created new application containers. The launch party is about to start when you get the news: the Security team is blocking production. Something about these new containers doesn’t comply with their requirements.

This occurs again and again in many organizations; the developers validate containers and manifests and thoroughly test applications, but the compliance check is an isolated step that occurs after development. The Security team finds serious vulnerabilities and can’t let the new container go to production. At considerable cost, the developers are forced to backtrack and remediate the problems.

The solution

There’s no need to speed headlong into the brick wall of compliance. Mondoo integrates security policy throughout the development process so you can identify and address issues early, while you’re building your system. Mondoo’s policy-as-code solution automates compliance as you build, test, and deploy.

Out-of-the-box CIS- and Mondoo-curated policies help you secure your container images, Kubernetes manifests, servers, applications, and more. You can also create and customize policies to fit your organization’s unique needs.