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Shift Left Security


One of the most effective strategies in preventing breaches is to proactively close security holes before attackers have a chance to exploit them. This also helps developers by highlighting security issues before they cause unpleasant surprises. Mondoo's approach is loved by engineering teams because it natively integrates into the software and platform development lifecycle.

You want to shift your security left, but with new software vulnerabilities discovered every day, you don't dare give up security testing in production

Like many forward-thinking IT decision makers, you're convinced of the benefits of shifting security left:
  • Fewer resources spent reworking finished code
  • Faster time to market
  • Reduced friction on the team
  • Security gaps discovered before they hit production
You know you want to perform security testing throughout the development cycle. But with NIST announcing an average of 50 new common vulnerabilities every day, the definition of secure changes constantly. What was considered secure yesterday is revealed to be vulnerable to attack today. Security assurance can't stop once your systems go to production. Does that mean you have to invest in two separate security solutions—one to enable you to shift left and the other to safeguard production systems?

Mondoo continuously scans for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities both in the development lifecycle and in production.

Don't invest in software that only meets half of your security needs. Mondoo spans left and right:
  • During the development lifecycle, Mondoo identifies misconfigurations and vulnerabilities early before they get complicated to fix.
  • Mondoo continuously monitors your production systems, providing up-to-date information based on the latest security bulletins.

Shift left with Mondoo

Mondoo integrates smoothly with your existing pipelines to deliver insights throughout the DevOps lifecycle. For developers and operations engineers to adopt shift left without resistance, they need software that integrates security scans into their existing workflows.


Keep using the tools you love
GitHub Actions or GitLab's Pipeline monitoring, Mondoo amends your workflow instead of replacing it.

For example, with Mondoo's full-stack security platform, your team can keep using the tools they already love. Mondoo continuously checks for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your existing pipelines, including GitHub Actions, GitLab, CircleCI, Azure Pipelines, Jenkins, and more.


Assess your security posture across all services
Understand how secure your projects are, not just bits and pieces scattered across different services.

To really flex your shift left muscles, each member of your team can assess security while they're still coding in their own environment. Mondoo's shift left reaches farther than other shift left security platforms.
Mondoo lets you smoothly add security analysis to the tools and artifacts that already work for you:
  • Hosts and container images
  • Container registries
  • GitHub organizations and repositories
  • Machine image builds with HashiCorp Packer
  • Terraform
  • Kubernetes manifests
With such ease of integration, Mondoo becomes an essential part of your development lifecycle without adding friction or burden. Shift left is elegant with Mondoo.

Monitor the Right

Unlike other security software that supports shift left, Mondoo also safeguards your production environment. Mondoo continuously searches for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in your deployed systems.

Organization dashboard

Quickly understand the health of your infrastructure
Mondoo's glanceable dashboards ensure you always know the security posture of your application environments.

Choose from over 195 out-of-the-box security policies certified by Mondoo and CIS, and customize them based on your organization's unique needs.

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Did you know?
Mondoo offers a vulnerability catalog and scanning for policies on the CLI without so much as making an account. Go ahead and try it!

Install now and start scanning

As new vulnerabilities are announced, Mondoo updates the policies you're using to find those gaps. That means your production systems, no matter how long they've been deployed, are always held to the latest security standards—with no effort required of you.


Mondoo combines smoothly integrated testing in your pipeline and coding environments with flexible and thorough production monitoring. Safeguard your business-critical systems with the single platform that covers the full security spectrum.

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