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Continuously scan clusters and workloads

Find security issues and misconfigurations in your clusters using over 100 CIS- and Mondoo-certified policies. Use industry best practices and customize them to fit your needs. Improve your security posture and avoid surprises from auditors and hackers.

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Fix issues at their source

Prevent bad code from reaching your production environment by testing deployments with our flexible policy engine. Integrate Mondoo scans with popular CI/CD platforms such as Azure Pipelines, CircleCi, GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD, Jenkins, and more. Continuously scan Docker images and Kubernetes manifests to find security vulnerabilities during your development process.

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Find and fix vulnerabilities

Scan your running containers, container images, and container registries to discover common misconfigurations and CVEs that are easy to fix. Avoid blind spots and close holes that vendors have patched already.

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Secure Kubernetes manifests

Fully analyze your Kubernetes clusters before and after they are deployed. Gather data about all aspects of your container infrastructure and their workloads and integrate with Mondoo APIs for inventory and security automation.

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Across the K8s ecosystem

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AWS EKS, Azure AKS, Google GKE and OpenShift

Run Mondoo in your cloud and easily connect it to these managed Kubernetes solutions.

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Secure any Kubernetes deployment

Secure all sizes of Kubernetes deployments from local Minikube installations to the most complex OpenShift deployments. Mondoo integrates with all types of Kubernetes deployments, whether local or in the cloud.

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Container images and registries

Scan Docker images during your local development process for common misconfigurations and CVEs. Continue to secure those images with container registry scanning support for common registries such as Docker Hub, Elastic Container Registry, Azure Container Registry, Google Container Registry, Harbor, and more.

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