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Mondoo Resource Reference

Table of Content

arista.eosArista EOS resource
arista.eos.interfaceArista EOS interface resource
arista.eos.ipInterfaceArista EOS IP interfacea
arista.eos.ntpSettingArista EOS NTP information resource
arista.eos.roleArista EOS role resource
arista.eos.runningConfigArista EOS system’s operating configuration
arista.eos.runningConfig.sectionArista EOS system’s operating configuration for a specific section
arista.eos.snmpSettingArista EOS SNMP information resource
arista.eos.spt.mstInterfaceMultiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) information for a specified interface
arista.eos.stpArista Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) resource
arista.eos.stp.mstArista Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) resource instance
arista.eos.userUser on the local Arista EOS system
audit.advisoryPlatform/Package advisory
audit.cveCommon Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE)
audit.cvssCommon Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) Score
audit.exploitExploit Information
auditpolWindows audit policies
auditpol.entryWindows audit policy
authorizedkeysList of Authorized Keys
authorizedkeys.entryAuthorized Keys Entry
awsAWS Resource
aws.accessAnalyzerAWS Access Analyzer resource for assessing the configuration of AWS IAM Access Analyzer
aws.accessanalyzer.analyzerAWS Access Analyzer resource provides an object representing an individual AWS IAM Access Analyzer configuration
aws.accountAWS account resource
aws.acmAWS Certificate Manager resource for assessing the configuration of AWS Certificate Manager
aws.acm.certificateAWS Certificate Manager Certificate resource provides an object representing an individual ACM certificate
aws.apigatewayAmazon API Gateway resource for assessing the configuration of the AWS API Gateway service
aws.apigateway.restapiAmazon API Gateway REST API resource provides an object representing an individual configured API Gateway REST API
aws.apigateway.stageAmazon API Gateway REST API resource provides an object representing an individual stage configured on an API Gateway
aws.autoscalingAWS Auto Scaling
aws.autoscaling.groupAWS Auto Scaling Group
aws.cloudtrailAWS Cloudtrail enables risk auditing of your AWS account
aws.cloudtrail.trailAWS Cloudtrail Trail
aws.cloudwatchAWS CloudWatch provides observability of AWS resources and applications
aws.cloudwatch.loggroupAWS CloudWatch Log Groups
aws.cloudwatch.loggroup.metricsfilterAWS CloudWatch Log Group Metrics Filter
aws.cloudwatch.metricAWS CloudWatch Metric
aws.cloudwatch.metric.datapointAWS Cloudwatch Metric Datapoint
aws.cloudwatch.metricdimensionAWS Cloudwatch Metric Dimension
aws.cloudwatch.metricsalarmAWS CloudWatch Alarms
aws.cloudwatch.metricstatisticsAWS Cloudwatch Metric Statistics
aws.codebuildAWS CodeBuild for building and testing code
aws.codebuild.projectAWS Codebuild Project
aws.configAWS Config
aws.config.recorderAWS Config Recorder
aws.config.ruleAWS Config Rule
aws.dmsAWS Database Migration Service
aws.dynamodbAWS NoSQL database service for scale
aws.dynamodb.globaltableAWS DynamoDB Global Table
aws.dynamodb.limitAWS DynamoDB Limits
aws.dynamodb.tableAWS DynamoDB Table
aws.ec2Amazon EC2
aws.ec2.imageAWS EC2 Image
aws.ec2.instanceAWS EC2 Instance
aws.ec2.instance.deviceAWS EC2 Instance Device
aws.ec2.internetgatewayAmazon EC2 internet gateway for use with a VPC
aws.ec2.securitygroupAWS EC2 Security Group
aws.ec2.securitygroup.ippermissionAWS EC2 Security Group IP Permission
aws.ec2.snapshotAWS EC2 Snapshot
aws.ec2.vgwtelemetryAmazon EC2 VPN Telemetry for a VPN tunnel.
aws.ec2.volumeAWS EC2 Volume
aws.ec2.vpnconnectionAmazon EC2 VPN Connection
aws.efsAWS cloud service for encrypted file storage
aws.elasticacheAmazon ElastiCache in-memory data store
aws.elbAWS Elastic Load Balancing
aws.elb.loadbalancerAWS Elastic Load Balancing Load Balancer
aws.emrAWS EMR for large data processing
aws.emr.clusterAmazon EMR Cluster
aws.esAWS service for a managed ElasticSearch service Elasticsearch Service
aws.guarddutyAmazon GuardDuty for threat detection
aws.guardduty.detectorAmazon GuardDuty Detector
aws.iamAWS service to create and manage permissions for users and groups
aws.iam.groupAWS IAM Group
aws.iam.policyAWS IAM Policy
aws.iam.policyversionAWS IAM Policy Version
aws.iam.roleAWS IAM Role
aws.iam.userAWS IAM User
aws.iam.usercredentialreportentryEntry in AWS IAM credential report
aws.iam.virtualmfadeviceAWS IAM Virtual MFA Device
aws.kmsAWS KMS for key management
aws.kms.keyAWS KMS Key
aws.lambdaAWS Lambda serverless compute service for running code
aws.lambda.functionAWS Lambda Function
aws.rdsAWS RDS for operating and scaling relational dbs
aws.rds.dbclusterAWS RDS Cluster
aws.rds.dbinstanceAWS RDS Database Instance
aws.rds.snapshotAWS RDS Snapshot
aws.redshiftAWS Redshift for analyzing large amounts of data
aws.redshift.clusterAWS Redshift Cluster
aws.s3AWS S3 Cloud Object Storage
aws.s3.bucketAWS S3 Bucket
aws.s3.bucket.corsruleAWS S3 Bucket CORS Rule
aws.s3.bucket.grantAWS S3 Bucket Grant
aws.s3.bucket.policyAWS S3 Bucket Policy
aws.s3controlAWS S3 Bucket Control
aws.sagemakerAWS service for machine learning
aws.secretsmanagerAWS Secrets Manager for rotating, managing, and retrieving secrets
aws.secretsmanager.secretSecret in AWS Secrets Manager
aws.securityhubAWS Security Hub service for viewing and managing security alerts
aws.securityhub.hubAWS Security Hub
aws.snsAWS SNS
aws.sns.subscriptionAWS SNS Subscription
aws.sns.topicAWS SNS Topic
aws.vpcAWS VPC resource
aws.vpc.flowlogAmazon Virtual Private Cloud Flow Log
aws.vpc.routetableAmazon Virtual Private Cloud Route Table
azureadAzure AD
azuread.applicationAzure AD Application
azuread.domainAzure AD Domain
azuread.groupAzure AD Group
azuread.serviceprincipalAzure AD Service Principal
azuread.userAzure AD User
azurermAzure Resource Manager
azurerm.computeAzureRM Compute
azurerm.compute.diskAzureRM Disk Resource
azurerm.compute.vmAzureRM Compute VM
azurerm.keyvaultAzureRM Key Vault
azurerm.keyvault.certificateAzureRM Key Vault Certificate
azurerm.keyvault.keyAzureRM Key Vault Key
azurerm.keyvault.secretAzureRM Key Vault Secret
azurerm.keyvault.vaultAzureRM Key Vault Vault
azurerm.mariadbAzureRM MariaDB
azurerm.mariadb.databaseAzureRM MariaDB Database
azurerm.mariadb.serverAzureRM MariaDB Server
azurerm.monitorAzureRM Monitor
azurerm.monitor.diagnosticsettingAzureRM Monitor Diagnostic Setting
azurerm.monitor.logprofileAzureRM Monitor Log Profile
azurerm.mysqlAzureRM MySQL
azurerm.mysql.databaseAzureRM MySQL Database
azurerm.mysql.serverAzureRM MySQL Server
azurerm.networkAzureRM Network Network Interface Network Security Group Network Security Rule Network Watcher
azurerm.postgresqlAzureRM PostgreSQL
azurerm.postgresql.databaseAzureRM PostgreSQL Database
azurerm.postgresql.serverAzureRM PostgreSQL Server
azurerm.resourceAzureRM Resource
azurerm.sqlAzureRM SQL
azurerm.sql.configurationAzureRM SQL Configuration
azurerm.sql.databaseAzureRM Sql Server Database
azurerm.sql.databaseusageAzureRM MS Database Usage
azurerm.sql.firewallruleAzureRM SQL Firewall Rule
azurerm.sql.serverAzureRM Sql Server
azurerm.sql.server.administratorAzureRM Sql Server Administrator
azurerm.storageAzureRM Storage Storage Account Storage Container
azurerm.webAzureRM Web
azurerm.web.appsiteAzureRM Web App Site
azurerm.web.appsiteauthsettingsAzureRM AppSite Authentication Settings
azurerm.web.appsiteconfigAzureRM AppSite Config
certificatex509 Certificate Resource
commandResults of running a command on the system
container.imageContainer Image
container.repositoryContainer Registry Repository
dns.dkimRecordDKIM Public Key Representation as defined in RFC 6376
dockerDocker Host resource
docker.containerDocker container
docker.imageDocker image
equinix.metal.deviceEquinix Metal Device
equinix.metal.organizationEquinix Metal Organization
equinix.metal.projectEquinix Metal Project
equinix.metal.sshkeyEquinix Metal SSH Key
equinix.metal.userEquinix Metal User
esxiVMware ESXi resource
esxi.commandRun a command on ESXi
esxi.kernelmodulevSphere ESXi kernel module resource
esxi.ntpconfigvSphere ESXi NTP configuration resource
esxi.servicevSphere ESXi management service resource
esxi.timezonevSphere ESXi timezone resource
esxi.vibvSphere installation bundle resource
fileFile on the system
file.permissionsAccess permissions for a given file
files.findFind files on the system efficiently
gcloud.computeGCP Compute
gcloud.compute.instanceGCP Compute Instances
gcloud.compute.serviceaccountGCP Compute Service Account
gcloud.organizationGCP Cloud organization
gcloud.projectGCP Cloud Project
gcloud.resourcemanager.bindingGCP Resource Manager Binding
gcloud.sqlGCP Cloud SQL
gcloud.sql.instanceGCP Cloud SQL Instance
gcloud.storageGCP Cloud Storage Cloud Storage Bucket
github.organizationOrganization represents a GitHub organization account
groupGroup on this system
groupsGroups configured on this system
ip6tables//ipv6 tables
ipmiIntelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) resource,//,Provides access to BIOS and UEFI configuration
ipmi.chassisIPMI system chassis resource
iptables//ipv4 tables
k8sKubernetes Cluster
k8s.apiresourceKubernetes API Resources
k8s.configmapKubernetes Secret
k8s.containersingle application container
k8s.cronjobKubernetes Cron Job
k8s.daemonsetKubernetes DaemonSet
k8s.deploymentKubernetes Deployment
k8s.jobKubernetes Job
k8s.namespaceKubernetes Namespace
k8s.networkpolicyKubernetes Network Policy
k8s.nodeKubernetes Node
k8s.podKubernetes Pod
k8s.podsecuritypolicyKubernetes PodSecurityPolicy (deprecated as of Kubernetes v1.21)
k8s.rbac.clusterroleKubernetes Cluster Role
k8s.rbac.clusterrolebindingKubernetes Role
k8s.rbac.roleKubernetes Role
k8s.rbac.rolebindingKubernetes Role Binding
k8s.secretKubernetes Secret
k8s.serviceKubernetes Service
k8s.serviceaccountKubernetes Service Account
kernelKernel information for this OS
kernel.moduleKernel module information
logindefsShadow password suite configuration
lsblkUnix List Block devices
lsblk.entryUnix BlockDevice
machine.baseboardSMBIOS Baseboard (or Module) Information
machine.biosSMBIOS BIOS Information
machine.chassisSMBIOS System Enclosure or Chassis
machine.systemSMBIOS System Information
macosmacOS specific resources
macos.alfmacOS application layer firewall (ALF) service
macos.securitymacOS keychains and Security framework
macos.systemsetupmacOS machine settings,The resource requires at least "admin" privileges to run
macos.timemachinemacOS time machine
mondooProvide contextual info about the mondoo client and environment
mondoo.assetinformation about the asset
mondoo.eolReturns EOL information from the mondoo EOL service
mountUnix Mounted Filesystem
mount.pointUnix Mountpoint
ms365.exchangeonlineMicrosoft 365 ExchangeOnline
ms365.sharepointonlineMicrosoft 365 SharepointOnline
ms365.teamsMicrosoft 365 Teams
msgraph.betaMicrosoft Graph Beta
msgraph.beta.applicationMicrosoft Graph Beta Application
msgraph.beta.devicemanagementMicrosoft Graph Beta Device Management
msgraph.beta.devicemanagement.devicecompliancepolicyMicrosoft Graph Beta Device Compliance Policy
msgraph.beta.devicemanagement.deviceconfigurationMicrosoft Graph Beta Device Configuration
msgraph.beta.domainMicrosoft Graph Beta Domain
msgraph.beta.domaindnsrecordMicrosoft Graph Beta Domain DNS Record
msgraph.beta.organizationMicrosoft Graph Beta Organization
msgraph.beta.policiesMicrosoft Graph Beta Policies
msgraph.beta.rolemanagementMicrosoft Graph Beta Role Management
msgraph.beta.rolemanagement.roleassignmentMicrosoft Graph Beta Role Assignment
msgraph.beta.rolemanagement.roledefinitionMicrosoft Graph Beta Role Definition
msgraph.beta.securityMicrosoft Graph Beta Security Graph Beta Security Score
msgraph.beta.userMicrosoft Graph Beta User
ntp.confNTP service configuration
osOperating System information
os.rootCertificatesOperating System root certificates
os.updateOperating System update information
packagePackage on the platform or OS
packagesList of packages on this system
pam.confPAM configuration (Pluggable Authentication Module)
parseParse provides common parsers (json, ini, certs, etc)
parse.certificatesParse Certificates from files
parse.iniParse INI files
parse.jsonParse JSON files
parse.plistParse Plist files
parse.yamlParse YAML files
pkix.extensionx509 Certificate PKIX Extension
pkix.namex509 Certificate PKIX Name
platformCommon platform information (OS, API, Service)
platform.advisoriesReturns all Platform/Package advisories
platform.cvesReturns all Platform/Package cves
platform.eolinformation about the platform end-of-life
platform.exploitsReturns all Platform/Package exploits
platform.virtualizationhardware virtualization information
portTCP/IP ports on the system
powershellResults of running a powershell script on the system
privatekeyPrivate Key Resource
processProcess on this system
processesProcesses available on this system
regexBuiltin regular expression functions
registrykeyWindows Registry Key
registrykey.propertyWindows Registry Key Property
rsyslog.confRsyslog service configuration
secpolWindows Local Security Policy
serviceService on this system
servicesServices configured on this system
shadowShadowed Password File
shadow.entryShadowed Password File Entry
socketstatssocket stats from ss command
sshdSSH server resource
sshd.configSSH server configuration
terraformTerraform Configuration Files
terraform.blockTerraform Resource Block
terraform.fileTerraform Configuration File represents a .tf or .tf.json file
terraform.filepositionPosition of the terraform configuration block in file
terraform.moduleTerraform Module Block
terraform.settingsTerraform Settings
timeDate and time functions
userUser on this system
usersUsers configured on this system
uuidUUIDs based on RFC 4122 and DCE 1.1
vsphereVMware vSphere resource
vsphere.clustervSphere cluster resource
vsphere.datacentervSphere datacenter inventory
vsphere.hostvSphere ESXi host resource
vsphere.licensevSphere license information
vsphere.vmvSphere VM resource
vsphere.vmknicvSphere ESXi virtual network interface resource
vsphere.vmnicvSphere ESXi physical network interface resource
vsphere.vswitch.dvsvSphere distributed virtual switch
vsphere.vswitch.standardvSphere standard virtual switch
windowsWindows-specific resource to get operating system details
windows.featureWindows feature resource
windows.firewallWindows firewall resource
windows.firewall.profilewindows firewall profile entry,
windows.firewall.rulewindows firewall rule entry,
windows.hotfixWindows hotfix resource the health for windows security provider
yumYum package manager resource
yum.repoYum repository resource