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Supported Platform

  • aws


AWS Redshift Cluster


arnstringARN for the cluster
encryptedbooldenotes whether or not the cluster is encrypted
nodeTypestringthe node type for the nodes in the cluster
allowVersionUpgradebooldenotes whether major upgrades will be applied automatically
preferredMaintenanceWindowstringweekly time range for system maintenance (in UTC)
automatedSnapshotRetentionPeriodintnumber of days automatic cluster snapshots are retained
publiclyAccessiblebooldenotes whether or not cluster is publicly accessible
parameters[]dictdetailed list of parameters for each parameter group name
loggingdictlogging configuration for the cluster
namestringname of the initial db created when cluster was created
regionstringregion where the cluster exists
clusterParameterGroupNames[]stringlist of cluster parameter group names
tagsmap[string]stringtags for the cluster