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mondoo register

Registers Mondoo Client with Mondoo Platform


This command registers the Mondoo Client with Mondoo Platform by using a registration token. To pass in the token, use the '--token' flag.

You can generate a new registration token via the Mondoo Dashboard -> Space -> Integration -> New. Copy the token and pass it in as the '--token' argument or use 'mondoo client generate-token'

Every client remains registered until you explicitly unregister it. You can unregister an client in Mondoo Platform, or by using 'mondoo unregister'

mondoo register [flags]


      --api-endpoint string   mondoo api endpoint
-h, --help help for register
--name string agent name
-t, --token string client registration token

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string      config file (default is $HOME/.config/mondoo/mondoo.yml)
--log-level string set log-level: error, warn, info, debug, trace (default "info")
-v, --verbose verbose output