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A space is a collection of assets, policies, and reports, which are managed together within Mondoo Platform.

Spaces allow for a great degree of flexibility in managing shared resources. For example, teams may organize their deployments in spaces, setting their own policies and quickly gaining insights for everything they manage.

Furthermore, users may decide to configure separate spaces for development, staging, and production environments, or specific compliance requirements such as HIPAA or SOC2.

Managing spaces

Additional spaces can be created as needed according to your plan, and will allow you to manage cloud account integrations, policies, and team members separately.

Create a new space

  1. From the Organization drop down menu, select organization you want to create a space in
  3. Provide a name for the space
  4. Select CREATE SPACE

Space IDs are unique namespaces separate from the space display name. space IDs can only be edited when the space is created and must consist of lowercase letters, digits, or hyphens. space IDs must start with a lowercase letter and end with a letter or number.

Delete a space

  1. Select the space you want to delete
  2. Select the SETTINGS menu
  3. CHeck the box to confirm you want to delete the space and all its related content
  4. Select DELETE

Deleting a space is permanent. Proceed with caution!

Audit Log

Each space contains an audit log of actions taken by users. Events are triggered when the organization has been changed by a user including:

  • Add and remove team members
  • Add and remove spaces
  • Delete assets
  • Service Accounts created and deleted