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Find Advisories

Software vendors often release advisories that provide recommendations on how to fix or mitigate vulnerabilities in their products. Advisories may or may not be released before vulnerabilities are disclosed. Sometimes advisories provide workarounds or other steps that users can take to mitigate a security weakness in the vendor’s products.

Find advisories in your infrastructure

Find advisories for assets in a space:

  1. In the Mondoo Console, navigate to the space in which you want to see vulnerabilities

  2. In the left navigation bar, under Vulnerabilities, select Advisories.

    Find Advisories

    The list shows advisories found in your infrastructure.

  3. To filter the list, enter text in the search bar. These are some examples:

    • To show only advisories for a certain platform, enter all or part of the platform name. For example, type windows, debian, or google.

    • To find an advisory related to a specific CVE number, enter all or part of the number. For example, type 2023-21755 or 1325.

    • To find advisories for a certain service, tool, API, or other technology, enter all or part of its name. For example, enter winsock, curl, or cim.

  4. To see the assets in your space where the advisory is found, select the advisory.

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