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Platform Overview

Mondoo Platform is the central location to analyze risk across your fleet of assets, and where you will manage all of your cloud account integrations, policies, and access for team members.

Platform hierarchy​

Every Mondoo account starts with consists of a hierarchical structure of at least one organization, and one space.


Mondoo Platform - Overview

The Overview page provides current reports on all of your assets and integrations configured with the space you are viewing, and updates as you navigate to different spaces.



The CI/CD page lists Mondoo Client scans performed in CI/CD systems as well as workload deploy scans from Kubernetes Clusters.



A fleet is the collection of all assets in a space. Your fleet is the sum of any asset you may have added, any asset that Mondoo may have discovered, as well as ephemeral assets that come and go as time passes. Your fleet may have multiple policies associated with it, which make it easier to surface consistent reports across your assets.

Policy Hub​

Mondoo Platform Policy Hub

Every space created within your organization has its own POLICY HUB, which is a collection of Mondoo policies. POLICY HUB come with a default set of Policies which are built and maintained by Mondoo.

Changes within the POLICY HUB of one space do not affect any other spaces in your organization. For example, if you enable or disable a policy in a space, override rules within a policy or completely upload your own custom policies to a POLICY HUB, those changes are only for the space you make changes to. Any other existing space, or new spaces created will not be affected.



Each space within an organization has a separate Integrations page to allow you to manage integrations with cloud accounts, servers and endpoints, and to configure integrations with chat ops tooling such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or API webhooks.



Both organizations and spaces have a Settings section where you can configure settings such as the Display name, team members, and service accounts.

The settings page is also where you can delete an organization or space if needed.