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Create Atlassian Jira Issues from Mondoo

Mondoo can create issues directly in Atlassian Jira so you can schedule remediation work within your team's existing project workflows. Without ever leaving the Mondoo Console, you can create Jira issues (tickets) that include all the details necessary for infrastructure owners to remediate findings, even if they don't have access to Mondoo.

Once you set up a Jira integration, a Create Jira Issue icon on each asset's page lets team members add an issue to your Jira project:

Icon to add a Jira issue from Mondoo

Mondoo's Jira integration even provides remediation details right in the issues, so the team members fixing issues have all the information they need.

Add a Jira issue from Mondoo

Integrate Jira with a Mondoo space

Adding a Mondoo Jira integration to a space allows users in that space to add Jira issues from within the Mondoo Console.


  • Owner or Editor access to the Mondoo space

  • A Jira account with access to the project where you want Mondoo to add issues

  • The project key of the project where you want Mondoo to add issues

    A project key is the short name that Jira adds to all issues in a project. For example, you might have a project named Security with the project key SEC. All the issues in the Security project include the key SEC in their issue IDs, such as SEC-233 or SEC-1438.

    You can also view a project key in Jira by selecting the Projects menu and then View all projects. The table listing all your projects shows the key for each project.

  • An API token for Jira account access

    To learn how to create and copy an API token, read Manage API tokens for your Atlassian account in the Atlassian documentation.

Add a Jira integration

  1. Access the Integrations > Add > Atlassian Jira page in one of two ways:

    • New space setup: After creating a new Mondoo account or creating a new space, the initial setup guide welcomes you. Select BROWSE INTEGRATIONS and then select Atlassian Jira.

      Welcome to Mondoo Page

    • INTEGRATIONS page: In the side navigation bar, under INTEGRATIONS, select Add New Integration. Under Ticket Systems, select Atlassian Jira.

      Add an integration - ticket system

  2. In the Choose an integration name box, enter a name for the integration. Make it a name that clearly shows this is a Jira integration.

    Add a Jira integration to a Mondoo space

  3. In the Jira HOST box, type the domain for your Jira instance. Do not include a slash at the end of the domain. Example:

  4. In the Email address box, enter the email address you use to log into your Jira instance.

  5. In the API Token box, paste your API token for access to your Jira account. To learn how to create and copy an API token, read Manage API tokens for your Atlassian account in the Atlassian documentation.

  6. In the Provide a default project box, enter the project key for the project where you want Mondoo to add issues. To learn about project keys, read the Prerequisites section above.

  7. Select the CREATE INTEGRATION button.

Add a Jira issue from Mondoo

When a Mondoo space has a Jira integration, team members can add Jira issues directly from the Mondoo Console. Any team member can add issues, as long as their email address (in Mondoo) matches the email address they use to log into the Jira instance.

  1. In the Mondoo Console, navigate to a space that is integrated with Jira and.

  2. In the Inventory view, access the asset for which you want to create a Jira issue.

    Add a Jira issue on a Mondoo asset

  3. To the right of the asset name, select the Jira icon.

    Create a new Jira issue in Mondoo

  4. Edit the issue summary and description as you wish and select the CREATE ISSUE button.

In the Jira project, you can view the tickets that Mondoo creates on your behalf. It's like any other Jira issue.

Jira issue created by Mondoo