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Installing Mondoo Client on macOS


The environment variable MONDOO_REGISTRATION_TOKEN allows you to pass a registration token to the installation package. If provided, the client will register automatically during the installation.

Install using the automated install script

The Mondoo automated installation script installs Mondoo Client using either the Homebrew package manager or a .pkg installer if Homebrew is unavailable.

bash -c "$(curl -sSL"

Install directly via Homebrew

Mondoo supports installation using the Homebrew package manager on macOS.

Add the Mondoo tap
brew tap mondoohq/mondoo
Install Mondoo Client with brew
brew install mondoo
Upgrade Mondoo Client with brew
brew upgrade mondoo

Install using the universal binary package

Mondoo releases a signed and notarized universal binary package (.pkg) for Intel & M1 (ARM) platforms available at that installs Mondoo Client on hosts.

Additionally, the package installs, but does not start or enable, a launchd configuration for running Mondoo Client continuously as a service for endpoint security. This package is ideal for deployment by MDM solutions.

For more information on running Mondoo as a service on macOS, see Running Mondoo as a service.

To install the PKG non-interactively use the installer utility in a Terminal:

installer -pkg ./mondoo_(version)_darwin_universal.pkg -target /Library


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