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Installing Mondoo Client

Automated installation script

The easiest way to install Mondoo Client is with the automated installation bash script for Linux and macOS, or the automated PowerShell script for Windows hosts.


The environment variable MONDOO_REGISTRATION_TOKEN allows you to pass in a registration token to the installation package. If provided, the agent will be registered automatically during the installation.

Automated installation script
bash -c "$(curl -sSL"

This bash script detects supported operating systems and uses the native package manager to install the latest version of Mondoo Client.

Mondoo CLI

Installation packages

Mondoo Client is available in a wide variety of package formats to suit most operating systems. We also provide standalone binaries via our release page for manual installation.

Communication matrix, IPs and DNS names

For Mondoo to function properly in your environment, the following communications must be allowed.

Mondoo ClientMondoo Backend (*
Your BrowserMondoo Console (

DNS names and static IP addresses for Mondoo environment:

DNS nameIP-Address


After installing Mondoo Client you may be interested in: