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What Is Mondoo?

Mondoo continuously assesses the security of your IT infrastructure throughout the development cycle and in production. Using Mondoo’s policy-as-code automation, you can identify risks, CVEs, and misconfigurations to improve your overall security posture.

Mondoo policies are written as high-level code that automates security compliance and best practices. Choose out-of-the-box policies certified by Mondoo and the Center for Internet Security, or customize requirements based on your organization’s unique needs.

Mondoo’s policy as code integrates easily with your CI/CD pipeline. Automatic scans detect vulnerabilities and misconfigurations long before they reach production, and without breaking builds.

With Mondoo, you can:

  • ASSESS - Choose ready-made policies to adopt security standards quickly
  • DISCOVER - Find vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in real time
  • BUILD - Integrate security into every phase of the development lifecycle
  • COLLABORATE - Unite DevOps and Security teams with a common goal

Security and compliance testing for any infrastructure​

Misconfigurations and unpatched vulnerabilities pose the biggest risk to the technology, infrastructure, and services that power your business. Protect your:

  • Public cloud - AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Private cloud - VMware (vCenter / ESXi)
  • Kubernetes - Kubernetes clusters (EKS, GKE, AKS, self-managed) and Kubernetes manifests
  • Containers - Container registries (ECR, ACR, GCR, Harbor, Docker Hub) and running Docker containers
  • Servers and endpoints - Linux, Windows, and macOS
  • SaaS services - Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace
  • Software supply chain - Azure Pipelines, CircleCI, GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD, and more
  • Certificates - SSL and TLS

Integrate security into every phase of the change process​

Use Mondoo to find and fix security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations before they reach production. Mondoo helps you by:

  • Testing your infrastructure and services as you build and automate
  • Integrating with your CI/CD pipeline to test every change against your policies
  • Enabling continuous compliance and security across all your environments

Get started​

To get started, check out our Set up Mondoo guide and sign up for a free Mondoo account, or jump into any of our technology tracks.

Be sure to join us in the Mondoo Community Slack and let us know how we can help you on your journey!