Mondoo - The First CIS SecureSuite Vendor Certified for Cloud and Kubernetes Security

Data center

Mondoo's full-stack security solution spans your entire data center. Rely on Mondoo to reveal and repair vulnerabilities in your servers, hypervisors, VMs, containers, and endpoints

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Security, compliance, and vulnerabilities

Mondoo curates a library of over 100 security policies, covering everything from CIS to industry best practices.

Uncover security issues and misconfigurations and customize policies to fit your needs. Support entire data centers and all your endpoints.

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Choose how you want to connect


Scan assets any time without interfering in their operation via container image scanning, API scans, or agentless remote connections (SSH, WinRM).



You can also rely on Mondoo's lightweight agent, which provides powerful insights about security, vulnerabilities, and infrastructure configuration.

Discovery and inventory

Whether you are in the process of application modernization or have a well-running environment, Mondoo keeps track of your entire inventory.

Discover all resources, from the lowest workloads to high-level services and APIs. Find blind spots in your data centers and endpoints to avoid surprises.

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Across the stack

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All major Linux distributions

Mondoo supports all major (and countless minor) Linux distributions out of the box with an easy installation and helpful policies.

Whether you're running Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, or Alpine—from servers to containers, we support it all.

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Microsoft's full ecosystem

Mondoo provides out-of-the-box support for all major Windows Server and Windows desktop systems, from Windows Server 2016 to 2022 and Windows 10 and up. Find vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and get a full inventory of your workloads.

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Manage devices and endpoints

Your fleet may contain a variety of systems ranging from network devices to your users' endpoints.

Mondoo supports many of these systems out of the box and also extends to cover many new systems quickly.

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Reporting and integration

Mondoo is built with convenient integrations for many services to help with reporting and notifications.

It provides access to all underlying data using powerful APIs to retrieve reports, vulnerabilities, and inventory data.

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