Introducing the Mondoo Compliance Hub

Cloud Workload Security

A better way to secure any type of cloud workload, no matter the runtime. Find and fix issues in VMs, containers, images, and other endpoints.

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One solution for all workloads

Mondoo covers all types of workloads in your cloud, including images, VMs and containers. From traditional server operating systems across Windows and Linux, to minimal container runtimes like Alpine.

Thanks to our open and extensible approach, this coverage easily expands to new and old architectures, systems, and runtimes.

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Solve the problems that matter

The two primary causes of failed audits and breaches are misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. Mondoo provides solutions for all findings and helps teams improve their posture where it matters.

Mondoo's security analysis extends to all common vulnerabilities and security checks that keep you safe. CVEs are translated into advisories and package updates for platform automation. Mondoo also allows users to make adjustments to policies and findings and work with security teams to prioritize issues that matter.

Discovery and inventory

Mondoo continuously analyzes all workloads and creates an inventory of their configurations, contents (incl. SBOM) and relationships to other systems.

This allows users and auditors to quickly investigate where problems are hidden and why certain settings were chosen. The inventory can be exported to other systems or programmatically queried to answer any questions you might have.

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Compliance at scale

Mondoo analyzes the compliance of all workloads, including images and containers. Automatically collect evidence for auditors and share continuously validated compliance controls.

Get compliance policies out of the box for most industry use-cases across finance, healthcare, and regulatory requirements. Cover CIS, SOC 2, PCI, ISO, or BSI audits on all systems and workloads.

Deploy in minutes


Scan assets without interfering in their operation via live instance snapshots (side scanning), image scanning, or remote connections (SSH, SSM, WinRM).



Alternatively, you can rely on Mondoo's lightweight open-source agent, which provides powerful insights about security, vulnerabilities, and infrastructure configuration.

Featured Whitepaper

Are you looking to improve your organization’s security posture? Look no further than Extensible Security Posture Management (xSPM).

Covers every workload

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All major Linux distributions

Mondoo supports all major and countless minor Linux distributions out of the box with an easy installation and helpful policies.

Whether you're running Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, or Alpine — from servers to containers, and images to snapshots — we support it all. Whether you are running a few instances that power your company, or support a massively distributed fleet with business-critical infrastructure, Mondoo is there to keep you safe.

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Microsoft's full ecosystem

Mondoo provides out-of-the-box support for all major Windows Server and Windows desktop systems, from Windows Server 2016 to 2022 and Windows 10 and up.

Find vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and get a full inventory of your workloads. Understand where things are, how they are set up, and avoid getting blindsided by unexpected issues.

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Reporting and integration

Mondoo is built with convenient integrations for many messaging, email, and operational services. These make it easy to create reports and process notifications.

It provides access to all underlying data using comprehensive APIs to retrieve reports, vulnerabilities, and inventory data.

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